Research Activity

My research is located in the multidisciplinary field of Systems Biology. I am mainly involved in the definition of mathematical models of biological systems, in the simulation of their temporal dynamics by means of deterministic, stochastic or hybrid algorithms. Moreover, I define, implement and apply different methodologies for the analysis of the emergent behavior of the biological systems under investigation (e.g., parameter sweep analysis, parameter identifiability, sensitivity analysis). I am also interested in the definition and the efficient implementation and application of evolutionary algorithms to problems of Systems Biology, as the estimation of the unknown information of a biological system (e.g., molecular concentrations and kinetic constants), and the reverse engineering to automatically infer the logical interactions among the components of a biological system. Among the others, I have already applied Particle Swarm Optimizer, Genetic Algorithms, Genetic Programming.

Research Interests

  • Systems Biology and Computational Biology
  • Simulation Algorithms for (multivolume) Biological Systems
  • Swarm Intelligence
  • Evolutionary Computation
  • General purpose GPU Computing