Conference Program

CMS 2017 will be structured in organized sessions and contributed talks plus three plenary talks, one per day.
The conference focus in on computational management science with emphasis on contributions addressing computational and theoretical topics arising in valuation problems, risk management and measurement applications, including optimal risk control problems, typically employing stochastic optimization, robust and distributionally robust optimization methods as in the tradition of CMS conferences. Increasingly over the years the conference attracted scholars from different scientific communities and Euro working groups, ranging from the optimization to the statistical and applied maths communities and touching several application domains, including energy, finance, supply chain management and logistic problems.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
May 29, 2017* May 30, 2017 May 31, 2017 June 1, 2017
9:00 - 10:40 EWGCFM1a TU1 WE1 TH1
coffee break
11:00 - 12:40 EWGCFM1b TU2 WE2 TH2
lunch break
14:15 - 15:15 EWGCFM1c A. Pichler
S. T. Rachev
W. Wiesemann
15:15 - 16:30 EWGCFM1d TU3 WE3 Round Table
coffee break
16:45 - 18:00 TU4 EWG-SO meeting
Best Paper Student Prize
F. Maggioni
closing plenary
Welcome reception Concert Social Dinner


Up to 4 parallel sessions.
(*) Registration day.
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