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Updated:  30th May 2008

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History of the language


Language policy and language planning

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Literary language

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McClure, J Derrick 2007b. George Campbell Hay’s Translations from Italian Poetry.  In Arbuthnot, Sharon and Kaarina Hollo (eds) Fil súil nglais: A Grey Eye Looks Back. A festschrift in honour of Colm Ó Baoill, Ceann Drochaid: Clann Tuirc, 87-96.

McClure, J Derrick 2007c. Lyndsay’s Dramatic Use of Prosody in Ane Satyre of the Thrie Estaitis.  In Royan, Nicola (ed.) Langage cleir illuminate: Scottish Poetry from Barbour to Drummond, 1375-1630. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 117-144.


Specialized discourse


Edited collections of papers






Scots and Gaelic




Teaching materials


Varieties of Scots

Corbett, John 2008. Scots, English and Community Languages in the Scottish Media. In Blain, N. / Hutchison, D. (eds). The Media in Scotland. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 20-34.

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Vocabulary, Surnames and Place names

Breeze, Andrew 2008. A Gaelic Etymology for Dyvour ‘Debtor’ (a note). Scottish Language 26, 23.

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