Acceppted FULL papers

  • Flavio Corradini, Alessandro Marcelletti, Andrea Morichetta, Andrea Polini, Barbara Re and Francesco Tiezzi: Engineering Trustable Choreography-based Systems using Blockchain
  • Alla Zakurdaeva and Michael Weiss: Detecting Architectural Integrity Violation Patterns Using Machine Learning
  • Lidiane Santos, Eduardo Silva, Thais Batista, Everton Cavalcante, Jair Leite and Flavio Oquendo: An Architectural Style for Internet of Things Systems
  • Diógenes Dias, Flávia Delicato, Paulo Pires, Atslands Rego and Elisa Yumi Nakagawa: An Overview of Reference Architectures for Cloud of Things
Acceppted POSTER papers
  • Jonas Sorgalla, Florian Rademacher, Sabine Sachweh and Albert Zündorf: Model-driven Development of Microservice Architecture: An Experiment on the Quality in Use of a UML- and a DSL-based Approach
  • Pedro Henrique Valle, Lina Garcés, Silverio Martínez-Fernández and Elisa Yumi Nakagawa: Approaches for Describing Reference Architectures: Results of a Systematic Mapping